Mary Queen of Peace Contacts
Name Title EMail
Ryan Moore Vice President
TJ Redmond President
Kathy Bauer Secretary
Tom Albus Baseball/Softball Co-Chair
Tom Grassi Baseball/Softball Co-Chair
Chris O`Leary Committee Member/ St. Elizabeths Field Mgr.
Ryan Moore Golf Committee Co-Chair
T.J. Siebenman Soccer Committee Chair
Scott Scully Track Committee Chair
Kris Sluhan Volleyball Committee Co-Chair
Rob Ellis Basketball Committee Chair
T.J. Siebenman Treasurer
Tony Floretta Lacrosse Committee Co-Chair
Jodi Slinkard Lacrosse Committee Co-Chair
Suzanne Moore Chess Committee Chair
Meghan Siebenman Golf Committee Co-Chair
Lindsey Field Volleyball Committee Co-Chair
Aimee Bergan Committee Member/ Uniforms K-4
Kelle Franklin Track Committee Chair

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